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MiniPan Comby Biscuit Model: C40XCG

Products Model: C40XCG

Minipan Comby
Model: C40XCG

Dropper - syringing machine, reliability and creativity

A constant striving for total quality and technological innovation has placed "Minipan" with over thirty years' experience, firmly at the leading edge in significant segments of the italian bakery and confectionery food industry machines market, as well as opening up major outles on international markets. The full benefit of thirty years' experience Minipan comes together in Comby, a dropper and syringing machine with automatic placement in trays capable of performing three different functions to meet all your biscuits and pastry production requirements, emphasizing at the same time the operator's skill and creativity

Thanks to a special head fitted with an efficient extrusion device, Comby has been designed to handle all types of dough. A wide variety of moulds, spouts, extruders and programmer disks will enable you to work the dropped or syringed product into the most extravagant shapes and sizes, while an automatic device handles placement of the product in different-sized trays ready to go straight into the oven. In addition to this proven versatility an ease of use, Comby also offers high production rates and reliable, safe engineering that calls for very little maintenance while ensuring excellent product quality and considerable time and labour savings. Comby: a pratical, reliable and creative choice.


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On the 2nd January 2007 the UK Government enacted legislation in line with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. As a result, from July 2007 all electrical products are required to be recycled at the end of their useful life. This regulation outlines rules for the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of electrical waste.

As a producer and importer for the business to business market, HLCE Catering Equipment feel the best way to achieve compliance is to offer a collection and responsible disposal service which is charged as and when required, at the end of the product life.

By charging at 'end of life' we are confident that this will ensure our charges are a fair reflection of the true costs incurred.

HLCE Catering Equipment will also send you a certificate of disposal with the Make, Model and Serial number to identify the item if at any time needed

  • For Refrigeration: Please ensure your items are disconnected, empty and clearly labelled for WEEE collection.


  • For Light Machinery: Please ensure your items are empty, packaged for transit and clearly labelled for WEEE collection.


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