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Winterhalter PT-M Pass Through Dishawasher

Products Model: PT-M
Winterhalter PT-M Pass Through Dishawasher


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Winterhalter Pass Through Dishwasher
: PT-M

With a rack size of 500 x 500 mm, the PT-M pass-through dishwasher offers enough space for most types of dishes. Depending on the application, the compact machine model is available as a dishwasher, bistro dishwaher, glasswasher or cutlery washer.

The elliptical wash fields, VarioPower washing pressure adjustment and the innovative full-flow filtration guarantee perfect cleaning results.

The active Energy Management shortens the heating and wash cycles. The standard EnergyLight heat recovery system saves valuable energy with every wash cycle, thereby reducing your operating costs.

Thanks to additional equipment options, the machine can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements.

The innovative design of the PT Series guarantees top performance for perfect cleaning results - brilliant, fast and efficient.


Depending on the intended use, you can chose between four special types of software when buying a PT-M, PT-L or PT-XL.

  • Dishwasher
  • Bistro dishwasher
  • Glasswasher
  • Cutlery washer

The touchscreen is the intuitive operating unit of the PT Series.

  • Self-explanatory, language-neutral operation
  • Colour-coded single-button operation with wash progress display
  • Error display for rapid error elimination
  • Access to the hygiene and operating logbook

The VarioPower washing pressure adjustment adapts the washing pressure to the items being washed and to the degree of soiling.

  • Optimal cleaning results
  • Protects dishes

The EnergyLight waste water heat exchanger uses the energy of the waste water to heat the cold inlet water.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Protects resources

Full-flow filtration
100 % of the wash water runs through a finely meshed filter cylinder.

  • Continually clean wash water
  • Optimal cleaning results
  • Reduced water and energy consumption


  • EnergyPlus - Machines are equipped with a large waste water and efficient exhaust air heat exchanger
  • Driven rinse system - The magnetically driven rinse system requires no fresh water to drive the rinse system.
  • Automatic hood opening - the hood opens automatically
  • Integrated softener - Continually provides soft water
  • Increased boiler heating- provides additional heating in the boiler.
  • Effect - effect is a low-temperature washing system which reduces operating costs.
  • Cool -  Cold water rinse, your glasses are immediately ready to reuse.
  • Corner installation - set up as corner installation
  • TwinSet - TwinSet variant doubles your washing capacity
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